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Simply contact us directly for a non-committal enquiry. All items can be collected here for your enquiry by using the “add to list” button.

Taste is a personal matter and so is perfect service!

Customer requirements are as diverse as the customers themselves a fact we are well aware of and well prepared for. This is why we can also address specific requests quickly and flexibly.
We slice every item (piece goods) and pack it professionally and lastingly agains a smal surcharge. We also deilver small and very small quantities of a specific product. In other words, we open containers and boxes and sell the individual items . On request we also slice or dice etc. all goods so that our customers only have the freshest of products in stock and only need to store the smalles of quantities.
And another thing: even if only one customer asks for a product we do not stock, we try to obtain and list it for him.
We provide customers’ paradise, not only because of our wide range of excellent sausage meet!