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Simply contact us directly for a non-committal enquiry. All items can be collected here for your enquiry by using the “add to list” button.

Information about the Shopping List

Dear Customer,

Our shopping list is a tool we provide to help you keep track of  your selected items in a quick and easy way. This will help you to make enquiries and/or find out about special offers for your next selection.

1) Requirements

First of all we would like to remind you that the shopping list can only be used if the execution of JavaScript on your browser is permitted. Also, it is mandatory that you accept our cookies. For details please see Point 7.

2) Alternative option

If you do not want JavaScript to be executed or if you do not want to accept the cookies, you can still get in touch by going to the “make an enquiry” page. You will find it on the navigation bar at the top. You can enter your product enquiry here as a text.

3) How your shopping list is designed

Every shopping list starts with some guidelines. Once you have added initial items with the “add to list” button, this text will be replaced by the name of the item. Only the first 30 letters of an item appear on the shopping lists. If the whole name exceeds 30 digits, this is indicated by means of three dots (“...”).
You can use the “make an enquiry” button which appears with to access the shopping list overview page where you can complete your enquiry. The function of this button and the menu item of the same name is identical.

Your shopping list always shows the last 3 items added. As soon as more than 3 items have been added, you will be notified of the total number of items on your list.

4) Our categories“product range”, “special offers and “latest arrivals”

Product range:
If you would like to find out more about our entire product portfolio or you are interested in our special categories, you have come to the right place. You will find an overview of all products we stock arranged in various categories and sub-categories.

Special offers:
On the look out for bargains? Why don’t you take a closer look at our special offers. You will find a selection of items for sale at a special price here. However, prices quoted here are only valid for a limited period!

Latest arrivals:
If you know our product range already and would like to receive regular updates on new items, you should look here.

5) Adding items to the list

Under the categories  “product range”, “special offers” and “latest arrivals” you will find an overview of our products. Each product comes with an “add to list” button. One click and the product is on your shopping list without any need to reload the page. Shortly after you will be notified  that the item has been successfully added. You can then add the next item.

6) Special feature: special offers

The special offers contain the “add to list” button and with the option to add a quantity. If no quantity is added, the number 1 will automatically be entered.

7) Making an enquiry

Once you have made your choice and  selected “make an enquiry”, you will  see a table listing all items on your shopping list.
This overview  is split into products  from the categories “product  range”, “latest arrivals” and “special offers”. You can delete individual items and change the quantities of the special offers here.

Once you have done everything, “Next” will take you to the final step. You can enter your  contact data and an enquiry here. The complete contents of your shopping list (as shown on the right) is  automatically transferred to us.

8)  What happens after the  enquiry has been made?

As soon as we have heard from you, we will contact you personally and process your enquiry as quickly as possible .

All enquiries, including those containing special offers, are non-binding!  

9) JavaScript and cookies

As mentioned under point 1, it is mandatory for your browser to accept the execution of our page. You should be able to carry out the activation of JavaScript under settings in your browser (eg Internet Explorer or Safari).

It is also mandatory that you accept our cookies.

Depending on your browser’s settings, this happens either automatically or through manual activation of each cookie. If you generally block all cookies, you need to change your settings or use the form for free  entries which we also provide.

The cookies on this page are so called session cookies. They are automatically deleted when the browser is closed.

If you  have any questions or problems, you can contact us using our contact form or you can reach us personally on the phone.