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From a garage to a modern wholesales company. And on and on.

The company’s history started with its founder Hubertus Höcherl, and it commenced in a garage. From there Hubertus Höcherl started his sausage and ham sales in July 1965, supplying local businesses. To transport the goods he used a Ford Transit which was chilled with dry ice.  

In March 1990 Hubertus Höcherl GmbH was founded. Five years later a new sales area was comprehensively expanded: sales to bakeries and bakery chains, customers in communal catering such as hospitals, retirement homes etc. …
When Daniel Höcherl, the founder’s son, joined the enterprise in August 2000, the company employed a total of 7 staff.
During the next few years it took over two wholesale companies in Osnabrück and Münster: Waldemar Schölzel KG in Osnabrück in March 2001 and two years later the sausage and ham sales organisation of Westfalenland Fleischwaren GmbH, Münster. In December 2009 Hubertus Höcherl GmbH were approved as an EC operation.
Today the company employs 20 staff who supply over 500 customers in north/west Germany. And even though the garage has long since been replaced by cold stores, the firm has retained a great deal of its originality and closeness to its customer to this day.